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Frances Barber (Madame Kovarian - Doctor Who) Interview

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Most recently we have seen her on TV as the mysterious eyepatch lady, later named as Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who, but Frances Barber also has many other television credits to her name and has a varied theatre career. I had the pleasure of interviewing her at the October Entertainment Media Show and asked her a few questions about life on the set of Doctor Who and what she thought of people dressing as her character.ย 

You have a lot of experience in Television film and theatre, which do you like the best and why?

It’s always an impossible question to answer to be honest. I love all three, I really love all three! And depending what it is that I’m doing at that particular time, I end up just becoming engrossed and enthused by, you know if it was for example Doctor Who I was completely engrossed and enthused with that, but then if I haven’t been in the theatre for a couple of years I do kind of itch to get back and do some theatre work, because I love it.

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in time and space inside the Tardis, where would you go and why?

Oh, do you know, I think I’d probably go back to Rome. I think they had a lot of fun and they were very clean! They had all those baths and grapes and all sorts of feasts, and I just think it would be sensational to see ancient Rome.

Can you give us an idea of how it was working on the set of Doctor Who?

It’s hard work, and the hours are very long and most people get on with it, because there’s very little time between takes and set ups, and so on. But just to say Matt, and Arthur and Karen welcomed me into the family with all their heart. They were so kind and they are friendly and lovely and giggly and you know it’s like, it’s not like work, it’s delightful. It is like a family actually.

What do you think of people at these conventions dressing up as your character?

I think it’s really fantastic. The two Madame Kovarian’s I have seen today are so wonderful!

Can you give us any idea on whether Madame Kovarian will be coming back into Doctor Who?

I wish I knew, BUT I definitely know that for example, the episode - The Wedding of River Song was an aborted timeline, consequently one can only assume it was in the future andย will hope that she comes back and that we find out more about her.

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